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BEHR Loupes are magnifying lens designed to fit all wire and plastic frames spectacles.

Used by:

  • Jewelers

  • Gemologists

  • Hobbyists

  • Watchmakers

  • Craftsmen

  • Low Vision

  • Engravers

  • Fly Tyers
  • Gunsmiths

  • Assembly

  • Manufacturing

Greater quality, comfort and convenience.

BEHR Optical Mfg Co. is an international manufacturer of Behr Loupes, a high resolution magnifying glass lens eyeglass loupe, which attaches directly to your eyeglasses.

One Loupe At A Time.

Each loupe is carefully handmade to order in the United States of America. We do not manfacture the loupes in bulk, nor do we stockpile them in inventory.

The eyeglass loupes are used for detail and assembly work by jewelers, gemologists, craftsmen, engravers, watchmakers, hobbyists, fly tyers, stamp collectors, coin collectors and gunsmiths. Visually impaired individuals can also benefit by the loupes magnifying lens.

Lightweight Loupes

BEHR'S lightweight loupes provide lifetime magnification service with maximum comfort and convenience. Boasting a feather-touch adjustment, they are quickly and easily attached to either side of your eyeglass frame. There is no need to remove your glasses when installing or removing a Behr Loupe. Our loupes are available in single, double or our exclusive compact "portaloupe" size.

Behr Portaloupe Model 65 LoupeThe Portaloupe has an exclusive swivel back which allows the arm to fold back into a convenient carrying size. Combined with the protective pouch, the Portaloupe is great for use while traveling in planes, trains, autos.

True Magnification Without Distortion

BEHR Loupes - the benchmark of the loupe industry, are made of the finest material and precision ground-glass lens for true magnification without distortion. The frame is made from a semi-soft brass material allowing for individual movement for personal adjustment. Durable nickel-plated cover protects for a lifetime. All soldering is done in silver.

Over 75 Years

Behr Loupes are backed by over 75 years of craftsmanship and service and are guaranteed for workmanship and materials. We are an international manufacturer and ship worldwide.

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Behr Universal  Model 55 SIngle Loupe


Behr Universal  Model 55 Double Loupe


Behr Portaloupe Model 65 Loupe





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